(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Ryan Wilson of CBSSports.com joined Zinno to discuss the latest NFL headlines this off-season. Rolando McClain was once again the topic as Wilson was unclear as to why the Ravens front office went the route of giving McClain a second chance in Baltimore. “Apparently the message (Eric) Decosta was tying to convey was different. The problem is that the Ravens have no depth at linebacker,” said Wilson. The two guys also had a laugh about Titus Young, who was arrested twice in the same day. He is also a free agent who is out of work currently. “We know how this story ends and it doesn’t end well for Titus Young,” remarked Wilson.


The ever-popular Tim Tebow was up next. Zinno said that the Tebow-fans are actually hurting his ability to get a job in the NFL because it’s too much of a circus. Wilson agreed, “When a minority makes a lot of noise, I wonder how much it really means. Shad Khan may still want Tebow because it puts butts in seats.” Zinno also said that there is no reason for the Jaguars to go get him because they drafted Dennard Robinson and he basically is the same player. “I think Robinson is a little more versatile than Tebow when it comes to getting to the outside,” said Wilson.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark was running his mouth about Tom Brady and the Patriots. Both of the guys agreed it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. “[The Steelers] have to face the Patriots on November 3rd and the problem is that every time some guy pops off at Tom Brady, he ends up lighting them up,” said Wilson.

Finally, the most useless 30 seconds in football were discussed as Carrie Underwood will take over the singing of the Sunday Night Football theme. Wilson joked, “All they did was take Faith Hill and put her in a time machine 20 years ago!” Faith Hill resigned from her duties as the voice of the Sunday Night Football Theme song this off-season.

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