WASHINGTON (WJZ) — A one man British invasion. Prince Harry is in Washington D.C. to begin his spring tour of the U.S.

As Gigi Barnett explains–this time Harry is trying to be a little less playboy, and a little more dignified prince.

Prince Harry’s weeklong American tour started with a chat with U.S. lawmakers.

During his stay, the prince will visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed and Arlington National Cemetery as well as promote British tourism.

Young congressional staffers lined the building just to get a glimpse of the bachelor prince.

“He’s got a great smile and he doesn’t come to the United States often enough. Not as much as he should to Washington D.C.,” said Rachel Welbers.

Capitol Hill was the first stop on Prince Harry’s tour. He visited a landmine clearance exhibit. It was one of his late mother’s favorite humanitarian issues.

“Harry in particular now, he’s a serving soldier, so he also sees soldiers treading on landmines,” said Guy Willoughby, Royal watcher.

Royal watchers say the monarchy wants to show a more serious side of the 28-year-old prince. So that means no trips to Las Vegas, where he made tabloid headlines last year after a game of strip billiards.

This time, he attended a reception with First Lady Michelle Obama. But Royal watchers say, if they know Prince Harry, the trip won’t be all work and no play.

“I think we’ll see that sort of mixture of statesman-like prince charming,  but also the celebrity playboy prince. I think the Americans love to attach him to that image, ” said Roya Nikkah, Royal watcher.

The last time Prince Harry crossed hte pond to visit the nation’s capital was exactly a year ago. Next week, he’ll see spots in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Harry will also see parts of Colorado during his stay.


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