Matt Adams of PGA Tour Radio and the Back 9 Network joined the “Glenn Younes Show” to discuss the Players Championship. Matt is also a New York Times best-selling author.

First up was the amazing first day put up by Roberto Castro. This is Castro’ second year on tour and tied the course record with a 63 (-9) on the first day of competition.  “If we aren’t already in a new threshold we will cross it soon. There will be a new golden age in golf because the kids today don’t hold back.”

Rory McIlroy was next up. On the first day he shot a 66 (-6) and is tied for second. When asked where Rory will finish, Matt responded, “Here’s the thing with Rory McIlroy is that everybody compares him to Tiger Woods. Is he more like Phil Mickelson where he has peaks and valleys, and this week he is ripping it up.”

Finally when asked about the “unofficial fifth major”, Matt believes that it could be a fifth major,  but thinks only time will make The Players Championship will make it the fifth major.  “Everything speaks to the fact that it will be the fifth major… But I don’t think it will be declared as the fifth major in our time. It’s up to the people that come after us.”

And last but not least was the David Eger catastrophe, Matt kept it pretty simple “If you’re outside the competitive arena, if you are not a competitor if you are not an official or an administrator, then stay the hell out of it.”

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