Orioles insider Brittany Ghiroli joined the Norris & Davis Show to talk about the Orioles. Baltimore is currently 21-14 and tied for first place in the AL East after taking 2 out of 3 from the Kansas City Royals.

Steve asked about Freddy Garcia’s performance last night. Brittany said when you compare him to how the other guys who have been brought up did Garcia did alright.  Brittany is really interested to see Steve Johnson.

Bob asked if T.J. McFarland’s spot is a definite. Brittany said that they don’t want to lose McFarland but it will be interesting to see what the Orioles do when Wada is fully healthy.

Steve brought about Ryan Flaherty and his struggles in the lineup. Brittany said he has struggled but Ryan does have the ability to hit well and they don’t have any other real options.

Bob asked about the interesting schedule the Orioles have had thus far. Brittany said that its been tough and that it always seems like they’re always on the move.  She believes when they get home after the Minnesota things should settle down, but the opening stretch has been dreadful.


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