(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

ESPN.com Senior Baseball Writer Tim Kurkjian joined Zinno to talk about everything baseball. The biggest story in the game right now is another blown call by the umpires and the need for a better replay system. Kurkjian said, “It’s missed calls like this that are going to lead to an expanded replay, but you’re gonna have to get it right!” The percentages of calls that umpires get right is very high, yet the only attention that the umpires get is when they make mistakes.


The conversation turned to the Orioles and their solid start. Last year, Kurkjian doubted the Orioles down the stretch, but he’s not doing that this year. “That’s a more talented team than people give it credit for. What is unmistakeable is the talent they have on this team.” Both guys were beyond impressed with Manny Machado. “We cannot overlook the fact that he is playing out of positon. He is a big time hitter already. And it’s only a matter of time before he fills out and becomes a huge power hitter on the major league level,” said Kurkjian.

The guys closed with the struggles of both the teams in Los Angeles. Both have played 33 games and one team has 13 wins (Dodgers) and the other has 11 (Angels). “I picked the Angels to win the divison and I picked the Dodgers to win the wild card! I’m thoroughly perplexed,” remarked Kurkjian. The Angels pitching has not come around and the line-up has been ineffective. The Dodgers have been marred by injuries. Kurkjian felt that while manager Mike Scioscia, of the Angels, will last the entire season, Don Mattingly, of the Dodgers, may not be so lucky if things don’t turn around.

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