PIKESVILLE, Md.  (WJZ) — A water main break in a Baltimore County neighborhood nearly swallowed a car.

Christie Ileto has more on the water woes that has a neighborhood worried.

Muddy gushing water, a sinkhole in Old Painted Post Road and a car nearly consumed by what Public Works officials are calling an 8-inch water main Monday in Pikesville.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 captured the water racing through the neighborhood as crews shut down the road.

“The car was level at one point; then it just started to crumble and fall into the road,” said Quency Bynum.

Quency Bynum says he’s getting ready to leave his mother’s house to head to the store when all of a sudden, his car was swallowed by a growing, gaping hole.

“There was nothing more we could do about it,” said Bynum.

Residents and workers stood mesmerized by the bizarre scene. Public Works says it’s unclear what caused the break and gallons of waters to gush to the surface.

The water main break starts at the top of the hill. Water raced down the street and residents were concerned that water pressure in their own homes may be low for quite some time.

“I couldn’t wash clothes like this right now,” said Minnie Dukes.

Public Works says Dukes is one of about 100 residents nearby now without water, as they work to repair the pipes.

As for Bynum, he says after Monday, this financial loss will be water under the bridge.

“It’s a wash,” Bynum said. “Once all the electronic components get wet, it’s a wash.”

The car has been pulled out of the sinkhole.

The cause is under investigation.

Repairs should be completed overnight.


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