NTSB Wants To Lower Legal Alcohol Limit (page 2)

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“If someone is intoxicating and driving at a .08, I don’t see it changing if they lower it to a .05,” said Lisa Spicknall.

Lisa Spicknall is the program manager for MADD. She says making sure people who may have had one too many can’t drive off is more effective.

A program called DADS involves sensors in a vehicle that can detect if a person is above the legal limit. If detected, the car won’t start. And that’s not all.

“When you grab onto the steering wheel, similar to getting on a treadmill, it would read your BAC through your skin,” said Spicknall.

Critics of the recommendation say people who drink socially may be punished for responsible drinking behavior.

“If you’re an average-size woman, one drink could put you at the legal limit and you could be arrested for a DUI,” said Sarah Longwell.

It took 21 years to drop the legal limit to .08. Some are concerned it could take years to see the limit dropped to .05.

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