Last night the Memphis Grizzlies ended the playoff hopes of the Thunder. Lets be honest, not a lot of people gave them much of a chance after the Westbrook injury. I really like the way the Grizzlies are playing ball right now. Nobody is playing better defense and Zach Randolph is playing out of his mind.

The Heat just put the Bulls out of their misery, by winning 4 straight after losing their first game at home. I give a ton of credit to the Bulls for the way they played with a bunch of their star players being unable to play. The Miami Heat are the clear favorites to win it all, but if they meet up with the Pacers, they could ugly up a series and they defend well.

I do believe the Heat will win it all this year, and i think they will play the Grizzlies in the championship. I believe that Memphis is the only team that can beat the heat in a seven game set. The Grizzlies could take advantage of their size and defensive ability. With all that said, I still believe the Heat are way more talented.


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