Bob Labbe, a writer for the Madison Weekly News, joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about Rolando McClain. McClain announced his retirement from the NFL yesterday after signing with the Ravens just more than a month ago.

Steve wanted some insight on why McClain retired. Bob said Rolando gave him some indications that football isn’t the most important thing in is life anymore.  It has taken a backseat to his family, and it just seems like his heart isn’t in it anymore.

Bob asked about McClain as a young person. Labbe told the guys that he was always outgoing and that might be partially because he was an athlete. However, he has always been a troubled young man and at Alabama Saban acted like a father figure.

Steve asked if McClain has been good with his money and doesn’t have to work. Bob said that as everyone knows there is a good chunk of money that comes off the top.  As far as money is concerned Rolando recently purchased a one million dollar house with cash.

Steve wanted to know if Rolando is a guy who in a few months might want to play again. Bob said absolutely and he won’t be surprised at all it Rolando has a change of heart in the near future.


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