Albert Chen, a writer for Sports Illustrated, joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about the article he wrote a feature story praising Manny Machado. Machado currently leads the Major Leagues in base hits and is second in the American League in doubles.

Steve started off by asking why he decided to say Manny needs to be in the conversation with Trout and Harper. Albert said you can go back to last year and offensively it wasn’t spectacular, but historically they are compared to hall of fame players.  Now that his bat is developing his bat and already has the glove he needs to be in conversation for players under 25 who you can build a franchise around.

Bob brought the strength of third base in the American League and where Manny ranks.  Albert said defensively he is already up there with the elite defensive third basemen. He also said a lot of praise has to be put on the Orioles for how they handled bringing Machado up to the big leagues.

Steve wanted to know which guy of the star third basemen would be left out. Albert thinks it would be great to have Longoria , Machado, Cabrera and Beltre all in the all-star game, but currently Beltre is a little bit behind.

Bob asked if Machado keeps at this pace does he become a guy for Madison Avenue. He said absolutely and Manny is a kid who won’t be in the press for the wrong reasons.  He said there is a reason why he was being compared to Alex Rodriguez starting in his junior year in high school. Albert believes that the only reason Machado hasn’t garnered a ton of buzz nationwide is because of Trout and Harper.

Albert thinks that Chase Utley is a possible target for the Orioles at second base if the players at the position continue to struggle offensively, and as the trade deadline grows closer if the second basemen continues to struggle rumors will continue  still exist.



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