BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The hit political drama “House of Cards” is returning to Maryland. Before the cast begins filming, more actors and extras are needed.

As Gigi Barnett explains, hundreds of hopefuls answered the open call.

When the hit political drama “House of Cards” announced it was filming its second season in Maryland, casting directors put out the call for actors and extras.

This is the result.

“There’s a lot of talent in Maryland. When you just walk along the streets, you find a lot of people who have so much talent,” said actor Dellie George.

Actors lined up at the Bel Air Armory in Harford County for hours this weekend.

“I thought there would be a long line but I guess I didn’t know how long it would be,” said actor Sarah Sichina.

A head shot or picture and a resume were all they needed.

“This kind of seemed like a fun opportunity to kind of be a part of,” said actor Zachary Lumpkins. “It doesn’t cost anything to come out here.”

But having the production in the state is paying off for Maryland. In its first season, House of Cards generated more than $140 million, created at least 2,200 jobs and did business with about 1,800 local vendors. It’s why the state has rolled out the red carpet for the crew.

“Kevin Spacey and Beau Williman, the creator of the series, were just raving about shooting in Maryland, shooting in Baltimore. The crew, the actors, the vendors, they are very happy to be back here,” said Maryland Film Office Director Jack Gerbis.

Casting directors are expecting at least 1,000 actors Saturday and while many are from Maryland, some traveled just to get a shot at “House of Cards.”

“Far more people than I ever thought. I’m shuddering to hear that it’s around the building,” said casting director Kimberly Skyrime.

Filming for the first season of “House of Cards” began in January last year. You can watch the show on Netflix.


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