Former Orioles outfielder and current Yankees broadcaster Ken Singleton joined the Norris & Davis show to talk about the upcoming Yankees and Orioles series.  Baltimore has lost five straight games and dropped to fourth place in the AL East with a 23-20 record.

Steve started off by asking how the Yankees continue to win with all their injuries. Ken said it has primarily been because of the pitching, and it starts with Sabathia and Kuroda.

Bob wanted to know how short a closers memory needs to be. Ken said that Mariano is able to turn the page no matter his situation and when you look at Jim Johnson this past weekend he looked upset but just needs to get back out there.

Steve asked how long until you need to worry about Johnson.  Ken said there is still a long time until you need to worry because all closers blow saves.  It is just part of the game, it happens.

Bob asked if the Orioles needs to be concerned with their pitching staff. He said absolutely and that right now Tillman is their best pitcher.  The problem arises when the staff can’t go six innings and the bullpen get overworked.

Steve wanted to know about players get booed. Ken said that fans back in the 70s and 80s were inclined to boo because the team won so he can’t recall being booed in Baltimore. From Flaherty’s perspective Ken can understand why the Orioles sent him down.

Bob asked about Ken’s time playing with Reggie Jackson. Ken said that he was a little worried because Reggie played the same position so he knew he was going to need to change his position. He said that he talked with Reggie and Jackson told him that for 250,000 dollars he would have stayed in Baltimore. In the end though it worked out because if Reggie stayed in Baltimore Ken probably wouldn’t have gotten his five year deal.

To wrap it up Steve asked about Ken’s involvement with the Cool Kids organization. He said that it helps with kids who have cancer and allows them to keep up with events and school.



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