Casey Stern of the MLB Network Radio joined the “Glenn Younes Show” to talk about Major League Baseball. First up was instant replay and we all know Glenn is very passionate about it. “It’s kind of an archaic format, it’s not like the NHL, and you have an umpire supervisor making the decision”.  When Glenn compared instant replay to his DVR and asked Casey how they could implement it into baseball.  “As soon as there is a question, he waves his arms and they go look at it”.

Glenn then shifted the attention to the Orioles rotation and bullpen, Casey feels that both could hamper the Orioles chances of competing in the division.  “Do the Orioles have a chance, yes, nobody runs away in this division”.

Glenn wrapped things up with asking Casey how does he feel about the Orioles own Manny Machado. Casey believed that the Orioles should have initially left him at short stop. “If you got a guy in Machado who could be the best short stop in the league, you should put him there”.

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