BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Police say they have captured the second man responsible for the shooting death of a one-year-old boy inside a car in Baltimore’s Cherry Hill neighborhood.

Derek Valcourt has more on the shooting and the two suspects police say are to blame.

This shooting happened just before 7:30 at night when it was not quite dark outside. It leaves a major question: did the gunmen see that little boy in the car before they started shooting?

Carter Scott was just 16 months old when a gunshot ended his life Friday night.

That’s when he was sitting in the back passenger seat of this red Chevy driven by his father, 22-year-old Rashaw Scott.

Police said as the car was pulling out of this apartment complex, these two men approached the vehicle and opened fire.

A bullet to the leg killed the little boy. His father was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

“That is horrible. It’s horrible. I’m so sad. A one-year-old,” said one resident.

Police commissioner Anthony Batts said the shooting was not a random attack.

They believe the suspects were targeting the boy’s father, Rashaw Scott, who had been arrested for murder in 2011 but was later found not guilty.

Friday night, officers pursued and quickly arrested 20-year-old Eddie Tarver.

But it wasn’t until Sunday that detectives arrested the man they believe was his accomplice, 26-year-old Cornell Harvey, a man who just months ago was found not guilty in a separate murder trial.

In Cherry Hill, near the shooting scene, neighbors call for justice.

“They should be punished for that. They should, they should like be wrong for what they did,” said one woman.

“I feel sorry for the mother cause she got to live with that now,” said a man.

Carter’s heartbroken mother declined to speak with WJZ. Instead she posted pictures of her young son on Twitter and wrote “My world gone”, “I will never be the same”, and “What type of man shoots a baby…”

The big question in all of this: why?

So far, police have not released a motive for the murder.

The suspects face a long list of charges, including murder and attempted murder.

They are being held without bail.


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