Chris Canty is a defensive end who signed with the Baltimore Ravens  as a free agent this offseason. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Entry Draft, moved to the Giants before coming to Baltimore. Chris joined Bob & Steve today to talk about his comments on Flacco over Eli and the upcoming Ravens season.

Steve asked Chris about OTA’s and helpful they are and is it more important since he’s new here. Chris said there is no more importance this year because of him being new, and that OTA’s are important every year because you always have to put your team back together.

Steve then asked Chris about his comments that he would take Flacco over Eli. Chris then said he has seen Joe go 5 years and 5 playoff appearances and advance to the second round. Chris expanding by saying he isn’t bashing Eli he is just siding with his teammate.

Steve then asked Chris about prepping for tough QBs and who has been the toughest QB to prepare for. Chris said that Tom Brady was the toughest because he is a surgeon on the field and can pick apart any defense and he keeps you on your toes.

Bob then asked Chris if he is surprised by the criticism that Tony Romo gets year after year. Chris says he is not surprised because he is the Cowboys QB, but that he is statistically a great QB year in and year out.

Finally Steve asked Chris about the Ravens offense and how they’ve looked so far. Chris said they have great weapons and guys taking their games to the next level in an up tempo offense.


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