Charley Casserly, a 16 year NFL GM veteran and 24 year NFL executive for Washington and Huston, joined the Norris and Davis show about the NFL. Casserly currently works for the NFL Network.

Steve started out by asking Casserly about the controversy over the Redskins name. Casserly was with the Skins for more than a quarter century. Casserly said that what the owners says always goes and that they felt strongly about keeping the name. Indian nations would come out and support it just as much as people would deny it. Charlie believes that if everyone among the Native Americans hated the name then they would change the name, but that is not the case. Casserly doesn’t agree that the 21st century is more politically correct then the late 1900’s.

Steve then brought up Flacco’s agent and the recent controversy. Casserly’s take on the matter is that management must have thick skin. Each negotiation is separate, yet it is difficult to see what was gained by the agents negative comments. Is Flacco worth over 20 million a yea? Casserly does not believe so. However, this will now force other teams to pay their QB’s more than they are worth.

Casserly does not believe the deal is cap friendly at all. Bob agreed, and asked Casserly for his opinion on Flacco and whether he is ready to take his game to another level. Casserly said he expects Flacco to do so. That is what good quarterbacks do, they keep improving. And Flacco has gotten better every year and is clearly a clutch playoff performer. Changing the coordinator mid-season helped Flacco tremendously, yet he will be as good as the players around him. He has got ice water in his veins.

Steve asked for his thoughts about the draft being moved up to May. Casserly said he does not know why they cant find a different venue for a regular April date, but he does like the break it gives the coaches. This also will help get a better look at the undrafted free agents.


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