Baltimore Orioles v Washington Nationals

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Dan Connolly joined Zinno for his “favorite argument of the week” and to talk Orioles. The discussion turned to Kevin Gausman, who has struggled in his first two big league starts. Zinno thinks he will be around for another month or so. Connolly disagreed. “It’s a situation where if he keeps getting hammered, they can’t keep him around until the All-Star break. He’s got to show some progression.”


Gausman has been plagued by the long ball early on. Connolly said, “You look at it and say, those guys aren’t hitters, but they are in Double-A. This kid has to figure out that just because he throws 96, 97 miles per hour, he has to command his pitches.” Connolly reminded everyone, “He’s 22 years old. This time last year he was pitching for LSU.”

Jim Johnson’s struggles also continued. How long is his leash? Zinno said he needs to go a whole month-plus without blowing a save. “Until you can find somebody else that can do it effectively, I think you have to stick with Jim Johnson,” Connolly said. ” Darren O’Day seems like a popular choice. If Johnson continues to fail, Buck Showalter will have to make a decision. “Buck is a huge track record guy. It has paid off. But I would say it would be one of the most difficult decision’s he’s faced,” said Connolly.

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