We always joke on the air that the Nationals and Orioles play each year for the Mythical Masn Cup. We might have to create one, because the Orioles have been getting the better of the Nats over the past few years. The Orioles took 3 out of 4 from the National in the new 4 game set that MLB has all of the teams playing. Two at home and two in the national league park.

It was a great series for the Orioles as Jim Johnson seems to be getting back in the groove, getting himself 2 saves and a couple of 3 up 3 down innings. Also Chris Davis continued his hot hitting and on his T-Shirt night sent 2 balls in the stands for on of the best come backs of the season. The Orioles lineup has been crushing the ball and as of right now it seems like hitting is contagious. I’ll gladly hold onto the Masn Cup and look forward to seeing how many Orioles get picked to the All-Star game.


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