(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Orioles General Manager Dan Duquette joined the Norris and Davis show to talk about the Orioles and their recent happenings.


Steve started out by asking the General Manager about Gausman’s first home start. Duquette said that there are no scholarships in the big leagues and that Kevin is a uniquely talented pitcher and has deserved this. To pitch the way he did against such a tough lineup was truly impressive. Gausman made some of his best pitches against Cabrera.

Steve commented on Cabrera’s reaction to Gausman’s beautiful sequence during one of his at bats. Duquette said that he was extremely impressed by his performance against the best hitter in baseball.

Bob then asked about the quickness in which Gausman joined the major league club. The GM said that it is a testament to his maturity and his composure that he was able to make it to the big league club after only around 60 innings in the minors.

Steve then asked about the business side, specifically the status of Chen. Duquette said that he is feeling pretty good and that he should be back sometime in June. Duquette then said the rest of the injured guys are down in Florida and will be back. Duquette commented on the depth of the team and how everyone is making a contribution.

Bob then asked about the talent pool in the first round of the MLB draft. Duquette said that last year all the scouts did a terrific job. He said there are certainly some college and high school pitchers, good position players, and even some quality local guys too. The GM was confident that they will come away with some good players.

Steve then asked about the Hammel ejection. The GM said that he felt it was a quick trigger. He does not understand how the umpire could make such a quick judgment decision. Duquette felt that it was clear that he was struggling with his command all day. He does not think there is a chance he will be suspended.

Steve then asked about the Cuban player Henry Urrutia. He is doing very well in Bowie. The Cuban has a family history of success at the plate, and hopefully he will make a contribution sometime this year. Duquette thinks he is an everyday ball player at the corners of the outfield. Good hands and he uses the whole field. He has played primarily right field in Cuba.

Steve concluded by asking about the status of Dylan Bundy. Duquette said that he is now pain free and that hopefully he will be back at the MLB level later this summer.


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