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(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Zinno debuted a new segment on Last Call, called “Hypothetically Speaking.” Zinno presented different scenarios to the listeners and then argued both sides and chose one! It was a really fun segment to debate both sides. The scenarios that were put forth in the first edition of “Hypothetically Speaking” were:

1. If you could only choose one of the following Andy MacPhail trades, which one would you pick? 1) The trade that brought Adam Jones to the Orioles, or 2) the trade that brought Chris Davis to Baltimore.

2. If you could undo one of the following Orioles contract, which one would it be? 1) the Brian Roberts deal in 2010, or 2) the Albert Belle deal in 1999.

3. If you knew he would pitch three more seasons, who would you rather have as your closer right now? 1) Mariano Rivera or, 2) Jim Johnson

4. If you knew that Dylan Bundy’s career would mirror Kerry Wood’s, would you take it? Or chance the alternative that he is a total bust and never pitches in the bigs?

Take a listen and see if you agree with what Zinno chose … hypothetically speaking, of course!


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