KENT ISLAND, Md. (WJZ) — A daring rescue on the Bay Bridge after a contractor was seriously injured on the job.

Monique Griego got a hands-on look at how Anne Arundel County Fire’s technical rescue team got the man to safety.

These types of rescues are very technical and take a lot of training. Wednesday, the crew showed us exactly how they get the job done.

When a contractor was injured 200 feet above the Chesapeake Bay while working on the bridge, getting him to safety wasn’t easy. It took a group of firefighters from Anne Arundel County with a special set of skills. They’re known as Technical Rescue.

“It is what we would call a high-angle rope rescue,” said Anne Arundel County Fire Department Captain David Chen.

Chen, who’s done similar rescues in the past, had his team show us just how intricate and dangerous these types of calls can be. It takes a lot of training and equipment to get the job done.

“We’re simulating this is the bridge deck we’re standing on and this is the railing,” Chen said.

Technical rescue handles anything outside of the normal fire and medical calls. That includes confined spaces, hazardous materials, collapses and high-angle rescues.

“There’s a lot of things to think about. Every scenario is different,” said firefighter Richard Garber.

Tuesday, a different set of team members secured the worker beneath the bridge and brought him to the road level. Wednesday, WJZ’s Monique Griego got to be the victim. Firefighters lifted her to safety as part of their ongoing training.

“Any day could be the day that we go to a call like this, so we have to be ready all the time,” said Chen.

After being rescued, an ambulance took the injured worker to a waiting helicopter.

“That’s what we train for and hope for: to save lives and help people in their time of need,” said Chen.

“It’s a good feeling that everybody worked together and got it done,” said Garber.

The contractor rescued Tuesday suffered injuries to his head and neck.


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