Ron Sirak executive editor of Golf Word magazine and Senior Writer for Golf Digest joined the Norris & Davis show to discuss the U.S. Open.

Steve started out by asking Sirak about Phil Mickelson’s game yesterday. Sirak said it is Phil being Phil. It is important to remember he was here practicing early last week so missing a couple days for his daughters graduation was not as big of a deal as it could have been otherwise.

Bob asked Sirak whether Phil would have been as devoted to his family five years ago. Sirak said he is most definitely the same guy. He does not do things for attention and most of what he does is very commendable.

Steve then asked Sirak about Phil’s 67 right out of the gate. Sirak said that he bounced back after a difficult start. He looked really good and you knew that 67′ was going to hold up. But in the end, you never know who you are going to get with Phil. This is a very difficult golf course.

Bob asked Sirak about Tiger’s apparent injury. Sirak said Tiger tends to overplay things like this. After his round he did say he would be good to go tomorrow. He is okay. But if he shoots 76 today his wrist will probably hurt more.

Steve then asked Sirak about the Sergio Garcia – Tiger controversy. Sirak said that Sergio has probably reached out to Tiger and that Tiger has probably showed him no interest. He thinks Sergio is nervous about confronting him in the public eye because he is afraid of what he might do.

Bob asked how Sergio was received by the Gallery. Sirak said that there were a few things said and that Sergio definitely heard them but that nothing the hecklers said was too harmful or offensive.

Ron Sirak concluded by saying he just heard the horn sound and that golf at the US Open has resumed.


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