Brian Geltzeiler, columnist for joined The Vinny and Rob Show Friday morning to discuss game seven of the NBA Finals and the upcoming NBA offseason.

Vinny felt that Miami should deal Chris Bosh this coming off season even after obtaining his second Championship ring last night. Geltzeiler does not believe that Bosh will be leaving and that Chris Anderson will be the guy who helps Bosh defend inside the paint. Brian has the understanding that “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” More than likely the Heat will keep a nearly identical roster for the 2013-2014 NBA season. However, the following off season will be filled with movement within the Heat roster. The big three, James, Wade, and Bosh all have opt-outs in their contracts and Mickey Harrison would have to pay a repeater tax if they keep the same roster.

Shane Battier, who could not get himself off the bench in the Eastern Conference finals against the Pacers came up huge for the Heat in game seven. Battier played twenty-nine minutes and posted all of his points from beyond the arch as he went six of eight from three point land. Geltzeiler was highly impressed with Battier especially down the stretch, “He was so terrific last night and you can’t understate what battier did on a night when you got… a combined zero points from Bosh, Miller, and Ray Allen. Zero, between the three of them. Battier’s six three point shots sustained the Heat last night.” Battier was the unsung hero of game seven.

Boston looks to be parting ways with Doc Rivers as they have a press conference scheduled for Monday. Geltzeiler believes that there is a possibility that Doc Rivers will end up with the Clippers but nothing is written in stone. When and if Rivers does leave it creates a vacancy for the Celtics at head coach. Celtics General Manager Danny Ange will probably look to go with a young new head coach according Geltzeiler.

(Programming Note: Intern Zach wrote and posted this article as part of his internship program with CBS Baltimore. Zach is a Communications & History major at Loyola University Maryland.)


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