By Pat Warren

FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — The search continues for a Frederick County woman, missing since Wednesday afternoon.

Pat Warren reports–police are still looking for leads.

Law enforcement is doing its work, while an anxious family awaits word.

Daughter Shawna Lentz at the family home in Frederick County told WJZ they are waiting with the hope that their statements in a news conference Friday will have positive results.

Teresa Lentz’s husband and two children last saw her on Wednesday.

“It was a normal day,” said daughter Shawna. “She had her errands to run in Frederick and we were expecting her to come home.”

Wednesday night, they went looking for her.

“I and my family, we found the vehicle and we called 911 at that time. This has been so overwhelming for my family,” Shawna Lentz said.

The vehicle was found near railroad tracks along Reels Mill Road. Teresa Lentz’s keys and her cell phone were in the car.

County, state and local law enforcement are involved. The county sheriff’s department says there’s nothing to indicate that Mrs. Lentz was with anyone. At this point, all they know is she was running errands alone in Frederick.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jennifer Bailey says any information is helpful.

“Even if an individual saw her sitting at a traffic light, that information can help investigators to develop a timeline,” said Bailey.

It is a painful time for the family.

“[I’m] devastated that she’s gone,” said son John. “And I really would like her to come home. It’s beyond saying how I feel. We all have mothers.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office or 911 immediately.

The sheriff’s department received more than two dozen tips in a day.


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