OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — Lawmakers are trying to clean up Maryland’s most popular beach town—starting with its dress code. An Ocean City councilman has a plan to ban baggy pants on the boardwalk.

Kai Jackson explains the clothing crackdown is getting support.

An Ocean City councilman says it’s time to tighten up the baggy pants.

Some might call it a fashion trend; others say it’s a faux pas. Either way you slice it, the phenomenon of sagging pants off the bottom has people looking and talking.

“There’s where they have belts for ’cause nobody don’t wanna see your butt,” said one person.

That’s exactly how Ocean City Councilman Brent Ashley feels.

“Well, I think in some cases when you dress that mentality and you act that mentality, it’s the mentality of a thug,” Ashley said.

Ashley wants Maryland’s popular beach destination to ban people from wearing pants that hang off their rear.

“Our intention is certainly not to go around and measure people’s pants. We just want to take a stand as to what we’re gonna tolerate decency-wise and dignity-wise on our boardwalk,” Ashley said.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Ocean City will get a dress code passed but those we talked with had plenty to say about it.

“As far as males, pull your pants up,” said Christopher Wright. “You’re in public.”

“I think just cleaning it up in general could draw a nicer crowd and more families,” said Becky Welling.

While sagging pants are worn by some African-American teens and made popular in the music and entertainment industries, Ashley says he’s not targeting any specific groups. In fact, he says he’s seen more caucasian teens with sagging pants in Ocean City.

Wildwood, New Jersey recently passed a ban on sagging pants.

“It’s not a black/white thing. You know, there’s thugs with everybody,” Ashley said.

Councilman Ashley says Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan hasn’t taken a stand on the sagging pants issue.

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