Incoming Freshmen Begin Their Training At Naval Academy

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The Naval Academy’s newest students get their first taste of military life.

Christie Ileto has more on the class of 2017’s Induction Day.

It may look like a peaceful Thursday morning, but for more than 1,2000 plebes, or incoming freshman at the Naval Academy, it’s anything but.

“A little anxious more. Just want to see what’s inside,” said Christy Green.

It’s Induction Day, when high school grads enrolled in the academy begin a six week long intensive military training.

Christy Green has a vague idea of what she’s in for. She’s following 30 years exactly behind her dad.

“I told her that she can never really please her upper class. So she should do her best,” said John Green, Class of ’87.

After parting with their families, they walk through the gates, leaving their civilian lives behind. They walk through the Naval Academy doors, and their military lives begin.

“My only child is leaving me,” said Tammy Ricke.

“From now on, the first and last thing out of your mouth is ‘sir, yes sir. Do you understand?” a drill sergeant said.

From check in, getting a hair cut, to learning verbatim the reef points–or the Plebe’s Handbook–the pleasantries stop at the door.

“There is no ‘yes sir.’ It’s just ‘Sir, yes sir,'” a drill sergeant said.

This group of 1,200 is starting at the bottom. But strict regiment and barking orders prepare them for what’s ahead.

Plebe Summer officially begins at the completion of the Oath of Office later Thursday evening. The summer training starts early Friday morning.

During the next several weeks, plebes will not be allowed access to Internet or TV, and will have limited cell phone usage.

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