(Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

(Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

I am not saying the umpires cost the Orioles the game. They didn’t botch the final play, so we’ll never know. However, they missed 3 calls Wednesday night.

#1-Cabrera was given first base after getting hit by a pitch that, get this, replays showed never hit him. The next batter homered. Maybe he would have singled and the next batter would have homered, but probably not.

#2-Manny Machado was called out at first, when replays showed he was safe. Instead of a runner on first with one out, there was no one and two out. The Orioles didn’t score.

#3-Kipnis was hit by a pitch, but the umpire missed it and he was not given first. The Indians ended up getting nothing that inning.

Maybe these things even out, but this continues to be a joke. 3 missed calls in one night that replay easily could have fixed. Don’t tell me it slows down the game. These can be handled quickly.

I would give each manager a certain number of challenges per game. Three, like the NFL, is too many, so I would give them two. If they are wrong on both, they are done. If they are right, they get to keep going until they are wrong. That way, they will only challenge plays that are very important. I won’t penalize a manager who is right 4 times because the umpires are bad. A replay official in a booth can handle these very quickly.

Right now, for the fans to know more the umps is bad for the game…..but great for talk radio.


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