Former Oriole Ken Singleton joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the weekend series against the rival Yankees.

Steve started out by asking the Oriole Hall of Famer whether the Yankees can hold it together as we enter the second half of the season. Singleton said that the squad has really had some trouble scoring. Usually they are always up there in runs and home runs but this is a different type of team that depends on their pitching.

Ed then asked about Derek Jeter’s time frame to come back. Ken said that yesterday it was reported that he started running in a straight line. So he is definitely making progress, but we are still talking about a return after the All-Star break.

Steve asked whether the Yankees want A-rod back. Ken said that it is similar to what happened with the Orioles and Albert Bell, who if you remember, did collect on his money. It is gonna be interesting to see how it is going to play out with A-Rod. The Yankees are fed up with him but they desperately need a right handed bat with pop.

Ed then asked about the Manny Machado ejection and how many times Ken was ejected during his career. He said that he had been ejected twice in his career, once arguing balls and strikes and one time fighting.

Steve asked Ken for his opinion on Manny as a ballplayer. Singleton said that he is a special hitter, no doubt. And it is really impressive that he has played in every game since being called up.


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