(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

The arrest of Aaron Hernandez took me back in time to that Monday after the Super Bowl in January of 2000.

It was about 11 at night, and my phone rang. It was my boss at Fox 45. I figured it was just a heads up on a story or someone is sick and he needs me to fill in.

He said he needed me on a flight at 7 the next morning to Atlanta. I said for what. He said that Ray Lewis had just been charged with double murder.

The Ravens had no time to prepare for this. The Patriots had 9 days. I was on a flight the next day, and in court when Ray Lewis had his bail hearing and Art Modell spoke on his behalf. It was a gutsy stance by the Ravens, particularly since no one was sure what had happened, and whether Lewis had any culpability.

Once I started reading documents, I was relatively certain he didn’t kill anybody. Obviously, it took a while to unfold, and the prosecutors totally botched the case by charging Lewis for something he didn’t do to try and get him to give up the other guys; instead he clammed up and they got no one.

The Patriots either are less tolerant, know more, or believe Hernandez was involved, because they wasted no time. The case certainly looks compelling. He may or may not get convicted of murder, but it certainly appears that he was involved in a despicable act. At 23, his NFL days may very well be over.


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