We have quite the fun weather pattern here over the next several days. We will continue to add to an already prodigious rainfall total for the month of June.

Friday’s rain will be thanks to another shortwave trough moving through the upper flow and causing an already unsettled atmosphere to become even more “charged.”

In short, we’ll likely see additional showers and thunderstorms through the weekend and into early next week.

The upper low associated with all of these waves of energy will stream abundant moisture northward on the whole as the trough extends southward, not just at 500 mb, but down to the surface. This is creating a general flow from the Gulf of Mexico and will continue to aid the development of showers and thunderstorms through the weekend early next week.

The one “odd-man” out will be Saturday. There is a relative minimum moving across the region from western Virginia through central Maryland and into southwest New England. This is leading to a dry slot from the abundant moisture. Still there is a SW trough moving in later in the day that will cause a thunderstorm or two but a good part of the day Saturday could end up being dry.

Sunday and Monday are expected to be moist again with showers and thunderstorms around at anytime.


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