By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There are over 100 public fireworks displays in the coming days.

But, as Mike Schuh reports, the biggest will be in downtown Baltimore.

You’re looking at something only a big city can do well–have the corporate sponsors, in this case, Ports America, to spend the $75,000 necessary to put on an 18-minute fireworks show.

Work began earlier this week up a gangplank, on a barge in Curtis Bay. Ryan O’Neil has been at it since Monday, now loading up the big stuff.

“So, this is one of the eight inch shells. That’s the big shell. This is a flower crown wired and blue pistol,” he said.

Two thousand shells in all, 500 in the finale alone, but right, now they’re all covered.

“Pinwheels and some whizzers and some other cool stuff that’ll be really cool to go off during the finale. We’ve also increased the amount of stuff we put in the finale,” O’Neil said.

Because fireworks and rain don’t mix, they’re putting up tents, so they can load the show, be ready on time and keep their powder dry.

“[The rain] will slow us down a little bit, but we’ll still be able to try to finish everything today. We’ll just have to work some extra hours,” said O’Neil.

Fireworks are just part of the big show. There is also entertainment at the amphitheater.

“Prior to the fireworks show there is entertainment in the Inner Harbor,” said Dionne McConkey, Baltimore Office of Promotion.

So if there’s bad weather, the whole show will be put off until Friday night.

The music downtown starts at 4 p.m. The fireworks will launch once it gets dark.


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