Tonight on the Glenn Younes show, Glenn ranted about the hoopla surrounding Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat.

Glenn ranted and told the people who are going crazy about the hat to “get a life”.

“It’s not like Robert Kraft is wearing a Redskins hat.”

“Nobody cares about the Dolphins verse the 49ers.”

“He’s trying to look fresh. It’s an entertainment business and he’s promoting the franchise of the NFL!”

“Do I think it’s disrespectful if Joe Flacco were to wear a hat that said Miami Dolphins on it? No. I’d think he lost a bet.”

“His job is to win football games, and he does it well. He’s a football player, it doesn’t matter what he wears. It matters what he does on the field!”

Listen to the full rant here and follow Glenn on twitter @Gunitradio and use the hashtag #GYshow


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