Jerry Crasnick, a baseball writer for ESPN, joined the Norris & Davis show on Tuesday morning on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN to talk about whether Roger Maris is the true single-season home run record holder, as Chris Davis says.  He mentions how there is no longer a stigma against striking out, where batters used to choke up on the bat when there were two strikes against them.  He then moves to Manny Machado’s incredible play where he threw the runner out at first after bobbling the ball into foul territory.  He thinks that Machado is well-equipped to make a move to shortstop if needed.

When asked how he feels about performance enhancing drugs, he thinks the players union is leery about paying for information regarding players that are using them.  He then talks about Matt Wieters, who has been having some issues at the plate recently.  He thinks that Wieters might be an issue to try and keep when he becomes a free agent because he is still a high quality catcher.

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