A very large chunk of the mid-west and the eastern states have dew points somewhere between 70 and 75 degrees. Even some pockets in the Appalachians have dew points in the mid-upper 60s. So, basically, we have a very “juicy” air mass in place.

It goes without saying that our biggest concern we have from a severe weather standpoint tonight and tomorrow is drenching downpours as a cold front edges closer to our neighborhood. A narrow band of steadier rain is expected to form along the cooler, more stable side of the front as the boundary slows down.

So the emphasis tomorrow will be more on the flooding potential, rather than damaging winds as this system passes through.

Behind it, a drier and less humid air moves in.

However, depending on how long it takes for the cold front to exit the region, we could be talking about a lingering shower/t-storm or two before our weather pattern turns more pleasant. #mdwx


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