BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The Baltimore County Humane Society is addressing a serious shortage of canine blood. The organization is looking for donors.

Tim Williams explains how you and your dog can help.

For Monty the 6-year-old boxer/Boston terrier mix, Sunday’s doctor appointment starts with a simple weigh-in. Monty is a donor dog that gets a free checkup and gives blood once every six weeks.

“When I came here one time just to help out, I saw the sign that Blue Ridge was here and so I came in and brought him in and he was great right off the bat,” said Monty’s owner, Cheryl Trudil.

Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank and the Baltimore Humane Society have put out a plea for help. The Maryland area is suffering from a serious shortage of blood for sick and injured dogs.

“The question you ask yourself as a dog owner, if your dog had an emergency, illness or accident, where would your vet or emergency vet get the blood from? From blood donors. You have to have dogs willing to give blood to supply the whole country,” said Jocelyn Pratt, Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank.

Another such dog is 130-pound Hazel. The English mastiff has a universal blood type and because of her size can supply enough for four dogs at a time.

And while most cooperate, pet handler Chris Oldt comforts and secures the larger dogs during the procedure.

“It’s nice to know that one little thing that we’re doing can help a lot of people. Dogs are important to people and if we can help them out, that’s great,” said Hazel’s owner, Michael Rosman.

Blue Ridge is one of three major canine blood banks in the US and a large provider in Maryland, DC and Virginia. The blood drives happen once a month.

“This month, we are having them come on July 27th and we encourage people to register ahead of time so that they’re all set up and ready to come,” said Wendy Goldband, Baltimore Humane Society.

For more information on donating, you can call 540-338-7387 or click here.

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