reporter Brittany Ghiroli joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the O’s weekend series against the Jays and the upcoming All-Star festivities.

Brittany started off by saying she wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Henry Urrutia before the end of the month. Also, she explained it would not be a surprise if the Orioles added a reliever before the deadline.

Ed then asked for Brittany’s assessment of Tillman. She said she does not think he is a legitimate all-star. However you do need to feel encouraged by what you have seen from Tillman thus far. He is really young still and he will continue to get better. It is the first time since ’97 that the O’s have had so many All-Stars.

Ken then asked Ghiroli about how much better shape the franchise is then it was three years ago. She said it is not even close. They have respect from across the league and they are building a true contending team. You are starting to see an organization that from top to bottom is strong. Alot of this success has to do with the manager Buck Showalter.

Ken then asked if Andy Mcphail gets enough credit. She said that he was a master of trades and that he does not get enough credit. You have to look at some of the trades he did that turn around this program–Davis, Jones and Hardy–all starting all-stars and all trading for by Mcphail.

Ed then asked if Davis is starting to be bothered by all these roid allegations. She said she would not say that it gets to him but that it cannot be a comfortable situation. Twitter is bad news for Davis because most of what he hears in negative. However, Davis has lost 15 pounds from last year so what does that tell you?  He has matured as a hitter and you are seeing the dividends. He will handle all of the questions properly at the All-Star game. He is eloquent and funny and I am sure they will charm all the reporters.

Ed then asked what she thinks about Boston and whether they will fade to the end of the season. Brittany said that she truly believes that the season will come down to the wire. The O’s must pitch better in order to be where they want to be at the end of the season.


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