By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you haven’t been to the gas pump yet this week, brace yourself.

Mike Schuh reports that international unrest is just one of the factors leading to the price hike.

“I live on a tight budget so I’m scared,” motorist Eun Park said.

“You know you got to drive, but it’s ridiculous. Something’s got to be done,” motorist Travis Travers said.

The question everyone is asking is: why?

It has to do with events on the other side of the world.

“The primary reasons we’re seeing gas prices go up is the increase in crude oil, the civil unrest in Egypt and the summer driving season,” Regina Averella of AAA said.

Sedan driver Kenneth Tapp says he’s on the road all day. He used to clear $70-80 a day out here, but not now, not this month. Now he’s only making about $35-40 a day.

“That’s it because you got to pay the company $90 and you got to put gas in the car, and with high price you make $130-140 before you make anything,” Tapp said.

The silver lining is prices are expected to fall come fall.

The mid-Atlantic  is about in the middle when you compare prices for the rest of the country.


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