Baltimore Blast Executives Kevin Healey, President and General Manager, and Steve Fertig, Director of Corporate Sponsorships and Media Relations, joined the Norris and Davis Show on Tuesday morning on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN to educate Ken on the finer points of soccer (Ken was making fun of soccer yesterday morning).  Healey brings up that more people now are participating in soccer than ever before.  Fertig mentions that soccer is not generally a high scoring game, which is what many sports fans enjoy.  He tells that indoor soccer solves that problem since it is a fast pace game where scoring occurs regularly.  Healey and Fertig tell that soccer is becoming more popular due to different marketing strategies being employed by the United States.

They then mention that the Baltimore Blast are in the middle of their camp season.  The Blast are holding different camps for children where the players will be running different drills with the children.  The different dates and locations of the camps can be found on the Baltimore Blast website.  The home opener for the Blast will be on November 23.


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