I don’t know why I’m so upset over the MVP in the All Star Game, but i don’t think Mariano Rivera deserved to get the award.  Mariano Rivera is one of the biggest class acts in sports and the greatest player to ever play his position.  The standing ovation he received was warranted and actually gave me chills.  Also, every team he faces for the final time in their stadium, gives him a going away present.

All of those things are deserved, but he didn’t deserve to win the MVP in the All Star Game.  I fully understand that there wasn’t another player that stood out as a sure fire winner.  Chris Sale got the win in the game and pitched twice as many innings.  There were 3 runs scored in the game and a few extra base hits by players that could have won.  Its not a lifetime achievement award.  This may be pretty petty on my part, but i don’t think he deserved it.


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