BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The most wanted man in Baltimore is tracked down and arrested several states away. Detectives say Darryl Anderson is a powerful enforcer in the Black Guerrilla Family gang–responsible for at least two murders.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the take down of the man police call “public enemy number one.”

Police say Anderson is a gang hit-man. Now they’ve finally caught up with him in Alabama.

Baltimore’s public enemy number one–now seen in a new mugshot from a Birmingham jail.

“We found that killer in Alabama and brought him to justice,” said Commissioner Anthony Batts, Baltimore City Police.

Anderson, 25, was wanted for two murders. One in Baltimore City–another in Baltimore County.

Last week, police vowed to find him.

“This guy is running around the streets of Baltimore, incident after incident after incident,” said Col. Darryl Desousa, Baltimore City Police.

But Anderson fled Baltimore.

This week, investigators got a tip he was hiding out in Birmingham. U.S. Marshals tracked him to an apartment complex, where he was staying with known acquaintances.

Police hunting Anderson were told he is armed all times with at least two firearms.

Officers surrounded apartment “C.” Someone peeked out the blinds and saw all the police. Eventually, Anderson came out with his hands up.

Inside, they found a gun and two bulletproof vests.

Police say Anderson is the gunman who opened fire on three women sitting on a stoop on Elmora Avenue last month. Ginnie Shird, 20, was killed.

The police commissioner says Anderson may be responsible for even more violence in the city.

“He is an enforcer or a hit-man for the Black Guerrilla Family. He’s a guy who’s probably tied to a number of very violent incidents, not just that one,” Batts said.

Now Anderson is finally off the streets and set to face justice.

Police have been searching for Anderson for more than a year.

Anderson is being held in a Birmingham detention center. He will be extradited back to Maryland.


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