Former NFL scout Russ Lande joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss training camp across the NFL.

Steve started out by asking about the turnover on the roster this year.Ravens have built a roster around alot of young players and it helps the coaches and gives them more to challenge. Matt Elam is a really good fit for this team. The issue for him is how is he going to do n deep coverage. That is his weakness, however he is a team leader and a dominant run defender.

Steve then asked about Daryl Smith. Lande said that he can really come in a make an impact. He has been a really good football player when healthy. He also can bring a lot of leadership to what is now a young defense.

Ed then asked Lande about what he thought about Jaws making Flacco the fourth ranked QB. Lande said there is no one he respects more then Jaws and that he thinks what makes most people so high on Flacco is that when the game is on the line he steps up. He is a clutch player and people need to take that into account.

Lande was then asked for his opinion on who is the biggest threat to the Ravens in the divison. He said that the Bengles do not get enough credit. They are a gifted team with an underrated quarter back. They will be very hard to knock off in the playoffs.


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