BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two dogs killed in one week by the same pack of loose pit bulls in a Park Heights neighborhood. Now Animal Control is investigating.

Monique Griego has more on what happened.

Neighbors say the pit bulls somehow got out of their yard and attacked the dogs. They now want the owner held responsible.

A peaceful Park Heights neighborhood is the scene of a vicious and deadly dog attack.

“I am devastated. That was my baby,” said Vivian Jones, whose dog was killed.

Vivian Jones watched in horror as a pack of pit bulls entered her fenced yard off Rosecrest Avenue and killed “Champ,” her dog of 16 years.

“I saw these three pit bulls dragging him off the porch,” said Jones. “They had him and there was nothing I could do.”

Jones called 911 and says within minutes police arrived and watched the dogs until Animal Control took them away.

But for neighbors, it wasn’t soon enough. They say the same three pit bulls killed a nine-month-old Yorkie named “Risky” on Sunday.

“This lady was walking with her dog in her arm and they attacked–pulled the dog out of her arms and knocked her down,” Jones said.

Risky’s owner, Kevin Holton, says his aunt was in the back alley when it happened. He believes the pit bulls escaped from a neighboring yard.

WJZ tried to speak with the owner of the home, but nobody answered.

Animal Control was not called out to respond to the neighborhood for the first attack. The agency says the two Animal Control officers working that day were overwhelmed with calls. On Sunday, they received more than 275 calls.

Homeowners now hope someone will be held responsible for what happened to these helpless animals.

“If they would have kept their dogs in after the first attack. I don’t know why they were out again,” said Jones.

A relative tells WJZ the woman who owns the home where the pit bulls lived is in the hospital and a family member had been taking care of the property.

Animal Control will now hold a hearing to determine what will happen to the three attacking dogs.

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