BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens training camp is underway, and fans are gearing up for a new season.

Linh Bui explains how the team is more valuable than ever.

Fans are excited for football season. They say they can’t wait to see the new players take the field, and they look forward to winning another championship.

The reigning Super Bowl champs are back on the field. Training camp kicked off this week.

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“Our expectations are high. And we don’t care if that comes with pressure, or if it’s not pressure, whatever it is. We expect to win,” said Joe Flacco, Ravens quarterback.

And Forbes Magazine just ranked the Ravens the 19th most valuable sports team in the world.

“In the world of sports, the old axiom is ‘winning fixes all ills.’ So we got a winner right now. And that’s something we want to ride for as long as we can,” said Davis Warschawski, CEO, Warschawski Marketing Communications.

The franchise value is up from $1.09 billion to $1.157 billion.

At Wild Bill’s on Bel Air Road, football fans are fired up.

“I cannot wait. Especially when we play Pittsburgh. And we beat Pittsburgh so bad. And that’s all I look forward to. Hopefully we have a good team,” said Scott Czawlytko, Ravens fan.

“Excited for the Ravens. After going through the Super Bowl in New Orleans, I’m ready for the third one. So bring on New York!” said Edward Reynon, Ravens fan.

Pens, sandals, socks. The store is stocked for the new season.

“A couple days before the game, people get their gear on because they want to go out to the restaurants. And they want to look right. So we have to be ready, too,” said Ken Pyles, Wild Bill’s Apparel.

They were packed during the playoffs.

The Ravens’ momentum helps businesses like Wild Bill’s. Shops, hotels and restaurants all benefit from the team’s popularity.

“You’re going to see more people coming into the city for games. Both Ravens fans and people coming to watch their team play the Ravens,” said Warschawski. “That’s more money for the city and more tax revenue.”

That means merchandise sales and sponsorship dollars go up.

“Thank you, Ravens. Thank you, Ravens so much because our business was terrific this year,”

A touchdown for the city of Baltimore.

Another economic impact: Ticket prices will likely go up at secondary sources like StubHub or Ebay.

Now companies can also use the Ravens as an incentive to recruit new talent to the city.

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