Managing partner of Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White, Steve Silverman joined the Glenn Younes show tonight to discuss Aaron Hernandez.

Steve described what the hearing was about today.

“It is a probable cause hearing. Which all that means is there is some link between the defendant and the crime.”

Then, Glenn asked Steve about Aaron Hernandez’ appearance at the hearing and the possibility of getting new tattoos in jail.

“I don’t think the court would allow any evidence of what a tattoo is or what it means because I don’t think it’s relevant to whether or not he shot Lloyd.”

Then Steve spoke on how Carlos Ortiz and Earnest Wallace are related to the shooting.

“I think it’s very clear that Ortiz is cooperating. He’s trying to negotiate a walk.”

“If the prosecution is convinced that Hernandez its his idea and he’s the ring leader and he’s the one that fired the shots. They’re going to play Ortiz against him.”

Listen to the full conversation here and follow Glenn Younes on twitter @gunitradio and use the hashtag #GYshow.


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