Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe joined the Norris and Davis to discuss the Red Sox Orioles series this coming weekend.

Steve started out by asking Ryan if he is surprised how good the Sox have been this year. Ryan said that he was surprised and projected them to be about a .500 team. He knew they were not as bad as they performed last year but he could have never envisioned such a successful year. The team is leading the majors in doubles and runs scored. The lineup however can be pitched to.

Steve then asked about Belichick. Ryan said that he is a highly compartmentalized person. A lot of what he does is an act. He is hired to win football games. He shields the media and does not care what the fans think of him. He is simply trying to master football operations. However he did identify that murder is a different story and needs to be treated as such.

Ed then asked for his thoughts on the Pats. Ryan said the question within the division is how good will the Dolphins be? The division is repetitively weak and the Pats should win it. Brady is hurt by the tight end situation and the loss of Welker. However they do have a better running game and a better defense then they had a year ago. He think they are not a prime super bowl contender but will probably be at least a 11-5 team.

Ed concluded by asking Ryan’s thoughts on the Matt Ryan deal as it compares to what Joe Flacco got. Ryan said that the Falcons did overpay however they are paying him for not just his obvious skill but as a guy that can win a super bowl and mainly as a genuine face of the Atlanta Falcons.


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