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(CBS Radio)

A bit of drama as the Ravens began Training camp with “Dancing With The Stars sensation” Jacoby Jones back to his day job of playing football, after passing his conditioning test and Bryant McKinnie missing in action. It was just a matter of time before number 12 (Jones) was out there with his team getting ready for the season. Although Coach John Harbaugh admitted it was not that great in terms of the actual practice and that was expected with the first full session of training camp.

The Defending Super Bowl Champions have a long road ahead but thinking about winning another Lombardi is the last thing on their minds. Terrell Suggs said, Super Bowls are not won in training camp but they are lost, and his head coach responded by saying, “You couldn’t say it any better than that, and that’s exactly right. The pilings, the foundation is built. The pilings of your football team are sunk deep in these stages, and this is when you build your football team. If you don’t build a strong foundation, you aren’t going to build a solid building. When the tempest comes, the building will be swept away. You can bet on that. And, that’s what he’s talking about. You can lose it before you ever get started, and we don’t want to do that.”

Ray Rice legs are still fresh even in his mid 20’s. He still feels like he just got into the league and has proven that he is a force. Rice said after being around his daughter this offseason, it certainly gave him some extra motivation to prove the doubters wrong. He takes the negative comments – particularly about his fumbling – and uses it to his advantage, “I’m only 26, but I do feel like the veteran amongst my group. And I’m going into Year Six at running back, and I’m looking down and the guy behind me is in year two, and then I can just keep going down the line. So, it does feel a little bit like, ‘you know what? When I do talk now, they will listen.’ But as far as football playing-wise, I’ve still got a lot of … Legs are still fresh coming off running my conditioning test on Sunday.”

There is still a lot to be accomplished during training camp, but one thing is certain- the players and coaches are focused. Except McKinnie, who was deemed to be “too heavy “ by Harbaugh and needs to drop at least 10 lbs before he cane get on the field. As the Ravens start the road to defending their crown, each and every player on the 2013 team feels that they have something to defend – and prove.


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