Matt Snyder with joined Mark Zinno on the Glenn Younes Show tonight.

Matt first talked about the O’s getting a new DH as the trade deadline approaches. “I think it’s going to be a quiet next few days, because there’s not that much for them to sell.”

Then Matt talked about how David Ortiz should be penalized for smashing the dugout phone at Camden Yards the other night. “I wouldn’t mind seeing him get two or three to say ‘You know what? Grow up a little bit.’”

Matt then discussed Chris Davis’ recent slump. “Guy’s go through slumps. I do think his power is real. But the paces he was on, they just weren’t sustainable.

Listen to the full discussion here.

Follow Mark Zinno on twitter @MarkZinno and use the hashtag #GYshow

Matt Snyder is also on twitter @MattSnyder27, give him a follow as well.


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