(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

The Orioles, in theory, have a chance to gain some ground in the standings in the next couple of weeks. 5 of their next 6 series are against teams with losing records.

That said, the Orioles have a very disappointing record vs. losing teams.

The Orioles are 21-23 against below .500 teams. That has to change if they want to make the playoffs. You have to be able to beat subpar teams.

Here is another disturbing and unfortunately familiar trend. They can’t hit lefties.

The Orioles are just 17-16 vs. lefty starters, 41-32 vs. righties. They hit .16 points lower, .256 vs. 272 against lefties. And, the Orioles have plenty of righties on their team.

In fact, their right-handed hitters actually hit righties better than lefties.

Jones has a .240 average against lefties, .314 vs righties.

Hardy is .223/.267.

Machado is good vs. both, but lower vs. lefties, .288/.305.

The switch-hitters, Roberts hits lefties on .222 when swinging righty, Wieters is .262.

Not surprisingly, the lefties struggle vs lefties. Davis .248, McLouth .240, Markakis .262.

The Orioles only have one starting position player that hits above .262 vs. lefties. Ironically, they only have one position that has an average below .262 vs righties. This is a significant disparity that hopefully will improve.


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