Grant Paulsen with 106.7 The Fan joined The Glenn Younes show to talk about the Redskins.

Grant and Glenn started off talking about today’s trade for Bud Norris. Grant said, “I like the move because I like the control ability of a power arm that can generate strikeouts in bunches. I like the fact that the floor for him is a really good back of the bullpen arm to close down or set up for you.”

Then Grant talked about RGIII’s progress physically and as a player moving forward. “His health is great. He looks sharp…He’s quick, he’s able to cut and I’m expecting him to be a dynamic and prolific player…and they’re not going to change their system.”

Grant said the Redskins won’t change their game plan but he said that RGIII needs to learn when not to run and when to slide. “He’s got to be smarter.”

Glenn asked Grant if the Redskins aren’t changing their offense due to the fact RGIII can’t throw from the pocket or because it is incredibly effective. “He can play any offense they design for him. If he has to stand in the pocket and conduct himself like a normal quarterback, I think he can absolutely do that.” He elaborated and said, “But telling him not to run is like telling Superman not to fly. You’re taking away the attribute that makes him most special.”

Then Grant talked about Santana Moss playing from the slot position. “He thinks he should have been there all along. That’s the kind of style of play he’s wanted to be associated with for years and couldn’t do it.”

Listen to the full conversation here.

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