Car Found In The Inner Harbor Was Reported Stolen

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An SUV is found on the bottom of the harbor in Canton. Witnesses say they saw a man drive the car right into the water, jumping out with seconds to spare.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest on the investigation.

Police say they are still searching for that man who apparently ditched the car in the harbor.

An unusual sight as dive teams pull a Jeep out of the harbor in Canton.

“You don’t expect it down here. It’s so nice down here,” said Katie Blake.

It was early Wednesday morning. Witnesses say they saw a man drive the car right into the water.

“All of a sudden, a car comes down the ramp, goes down the walkway and goes in the water as a guy steps out of it,” said Ricky Bradley.

He says the man took off running. Two other witnesses chased him.

“He’s coming out of his clothes like he’d done something wrong,” Bradley said.

Witnesses say the man came tearing through the park, jumped over the War Memorial and got away.

Rescue crews rushed to the scene and made the daring drive into the harbor to see if anyone else was inside the car.

“I think it’s always dangerous. The water was six to eight feet deep. It’s murky,” said Ian Brennan, Baltimore City Fire Department.

No one else was in the car.

Police still have lots of questions about what happened here.

“When did the people get out of the vehicle? Were they out of the vehicle before it went in the water, after it went in the water or long before it went into the water,” said Baltimore City Police Detective Jeremy Silbert.

Now detectives are searching for whomever ditched the car.

Investigators say the owner of the Jeep has reported it stolen.

Police are investigating whether that vehicle is linked to any other crime that took place overnight.

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